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“A dynamic and insightful speaker who helps your organization understand the importance of design for your business in the digital age.” — Sven Z. // Tallin, Estonia
“This was my favorite talk. It was informative and he shared a lot of great resources and information. Also very social media friendly. J is an excellent speaker and I will take more of his sessions in the future.” — Susan R. // Digital Summit

Current Presentations

Human-Centered Product Design: 

The economy has shifted. It was seller-driven, when companies could be successful with limited customer research and brute-force marketing. Now it's buyer-driven, where anyone can find products and services to fit their needs in just a few clicks. It's time companies embraced customer research, and rapid-prototyping, and built meaningful value propositions based on real customer needs and wants. We'll look at the 5 Phases of product design and lay out a playbook for success in the new age.

Redesign Your Design Thinking

Design is beautiful and beautiful things are well-designed. While this is true, it isn’t the whole truth—aesthetics definitely are NOT everything. Sometimes the best design isn’t what you think, and we need to leave our design aesthetic ego at the door and focus on positive outcomes for the user. This talk will challenge your assumptions about what great design is, and discuss ideas about how we can be better designers by focusing on process, function, and outcomes instead of visuals.

Digital Fluency and User Experience

A fascinating look at the idea of digital fluency and how different levels of understanding can impact experience in ways we might not have considered before; some of the psychology behind how fluency influences judgement and perception of digital experiences, and how we can approach experience design to build meaningful connections with the people who use our creations.

About J Cornelius

J gives lectures and workshops all over the world. He loves to speak about the intersection of business, design, and technology.

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