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Strategist, Designer, 


“For J, nothing is impossible. He's motivated and knows how to get things done, even on ridiculously short notice where others may likely fail. J has a great eye for the small details but never forgets the high-level strategy and vision. He has a sense of leadership that is unparalleled to any other I have seen in my career history. He's honest and is not afraid to tell you like it is, but he also encourages everyone to participate and voice their opinions.”

– Nick Finck, Product Design Manager, Facebook

About J.

J Cornelius has been building digital products since 1996 and has helped countless startups and corporate product teams create some of the products and services you're probably using today.      

He's currently the Founder and President of Nine Labs, a digital experience design and strategy consultancy based in Atlanta, GA. He also hosts the Design Driven Podcast and Design Driven Alexa Flash Briefing about the intersection of business, design, and technology.

He speaks at conferences and leads workshops around the world, serves on the Advisory Board of Shadow Ventures, serves as a startup mentor at Georgia Tech's ATDC, Atlanta Tech Park, Engage Ventures, Tech Square Labs, and for numerous private companies.

A serial entrepreneur with multiple exits, J started his first business in high school and never looked back.

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The Playbook for Building Products with Clarity and Confidence.
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Speaking & Workshops

J gives lectures and workshops all over the world. He loves to speak about the intersection of business, design, and technology.

“A dynamic and insightful speaker who helps your organization understand the importance of design for your business in the digital age.” 

- Digital Summit Attendee

Human-Centered Product Design

Building digital products people love in the buyer-driven economy.

The economy has shifted. It was seller-driven, when companies could be successful with limited customer research and brute-force marketing. Now it's buyer-driven, where anyone can find products and services to fit their needs in just a few clicks.


It's time companies embraced customer research, and rapid-prototyping, and built meaningful value propositions based on real customer needs and wants.


We'll look at the 5 Phases of product design and lay out a playbook for success in the new age.


Key Takeaways 

1/ Product design is not a linear process, rather it involves tight collaboration and fluid switching between diverse skill sets.


2/ Customer research is an art, and applying some simple methodologies can help create a clear vision of customer needs.


3/ Successful businesses make research and prototyping an integral part of their culture, using research and data to drive critical product and business decisions.

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